What kind of frame in Cyxus fit for ladies?


It is human nature to love beauty. When choosing a frame, wearing beauty is also an important element of choice. There are also many kinds of female glasses frames, which ones are more attractive?

Cyxus blue light blocking glasses provide various frames which fit for ladies for choose.

Square frame

This kind of glasses frame is not only suitable for boys, but also for girls. It has both a casual elegance and a book atmosphere. This kind of box line sense is relatively strong, suitable for modifying soft facial lines to achieve overall coordination. The square frame can reduce the width of the face and make the overall look better. If you have a face with a wide top and a narrow bottom, you can try this frame shape. In terms of color choices, black and red are suitable for most beauties.

Large frame

Large-frame glasses are a particularly popular type of glasses nowadays. The large frame-shaped design makes the wearer more versatile. The colors are black, leopard print or tortoiseshell colors. Because of the larger frame, large-frame glasses can cover a part of the face and reduce the proportion of the face. The face looks smaller, and it can also cover dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc., especially to make the face look smaller, which is affected by many beauties. Our love. This kind of big-frame glasses is very trendy, suitable for all kinds of trendy clothing.

Round frame

Round retro glasses are also the most common in sunglasses. This kind of glasses has a simple design, a round shape design, a thick and thin frame, and a variety of colors. Generally, metal materials are more common. Guazi face, oval face and square face are all suitable for wearing. They can softly talk about the line, but can't shorten the proportion of the face, so it is not suitable for people with longer faces.

Cyxus blue light blocking glasses provide various frames which fit for ladies for choose.

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