What kind of blue light blocking glasses is more fashionable?


Glasses have become a necessity in the lives of more and more people, bringing convenience to life that cannot be underestimated for patients with eye diseases. Nowadays, the existence of glasses is not only to relieve the discomfort caused by people’s eye diseases. With the improvement of living standards and people’s pursuit of beauty, glasses have been quietly linked to the fashion world, and frames of different styles, materials and colors , It gives the glasses a different color of life.

At present, the common frame materials on the market are mainly divided into three types: non-metallic, metallic, and natural.

Cyxus blue light blocking glasses comes with several types of material frames for choose.


Including celluloid, cellulose acetate, injection frame, sheet frame and epoxy resin. The thermal processing technology of injection frame is mostly used to make low-grade sunglasses. Epoxy resin is the most common frame material.

Epoxy resin has light specific gravity, bright color, good elasticity and long life. It was first developed by European Optical Company. In addition, the epoxy resin frame is bright in color, which satisfies people's pursuit of fashion. It is the most common on the market and the most cost-effective. Most people who choose this type of material are young people who love freedom and dislike the rigid fashion style.


Metal frames are more expensive, and are generally loved by business people. Generosity and rules are their first choice for fashion. Including cupronickel frames, high nickel alloy frames, Monel frames, pure titanium frames, memory titanium alloy frames and so on.

Natural material

The natural materials used to make spectacle frames include special wood, animal horns and tortoiseshell materials. Generally, wooden frames and horn frames are rare. The most representative and expensive frame is the tortoiseshell frame. The tortoiseshell material is the name of a kind of sea turtle that is produced in tropical seas. It has a unique sense of transparency and color markings, and it looks elegant and generous. The tortoiseshell frame can be glued and repaired after it is broken. Of course, this kind of frames belonging to the ranks of luxury goods can only be worn by elites and fashion ladies.

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