What is TR 90 glasses?


TR90 (Plastic Titanium) is a type of material that is used in the creation of eyeglasses frames. The TR90 glasses are known for their benefits over traditional metal frames.

TR90 glasses combine durability, flexibility, and lightweight comfort

Tr 90 Glasses Vs Regular Glasses

1. **Durable and Flexible**: TR90 is a **flexible, damage-resistant thermoplastic** that's highly durable. It can withstand daily wear and tear without breaking easily. When you accidentally drop your glasses or they take a hit, TR90 frames absorb the impact, making them more resilient than traditional materials.

TR 90 glasses are durable, flexible, lightweight and comfortable.

2. **Lightweight**: Perhaps the most remarkable feature of TR90 glasses is their **supreme lightweight** feel. Even bold and oversized styles made with TR90 don't feel bulky. The material has a barely-there quality, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

3. **Comfortable Fit**: TR90 frames are designed to be comfortable. They're lightweight, flexible, and adapt well to different face shapes. Whether you have a specific color in mind or need a particular style, TR90 glasses offer versatility.

TR 90 Blue Light Glasses

Is TR 90 material harmful to the body?

1. **Hypoallergenic**: TR90 is **hypoallergenic**, meaning it is less likely to cause allergic reactions. It doesn't contain common allergens like nickel, which can be found in some metal frames.

2. **Non-Toxic**: TR90 is a type of **thermoplastic** that does not release harmful chemicals or toxins. It is used in various medical and optical applications due to its safety profile.


TR 90 glasses are suitable for sports scenes

So, in summary, TR90 glasses combine durability, flexibility, and lightweight comfort.If you need glasses that can withstand rough operation or sports,  Aio is a very good choice

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