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Industry-leading clarity and quality

The PC material used for eyeglass lens was developed in the 1970s by the aerospace industry for use in helmet visors worn by astronauts. Today, because of its lightweight and protective features, PC is used for a wide variety of products including space shuttle windshields, luggage, "bulletproof glass," helmet visors of astronauts and police, swimming goggles and diving masks, Eyeglass lenses made of polycarbonate were introduced in the early 1980s in response to a demand for lightweight, impact-resistant lenses.

Polycarbonate is a large part of Cyxus innovation. Our polycarbonate lenses are manufactured with proprietary, fourth-generation water-white polycarbonate resins, are up to 50% lighter and thinner and 10 times more impact-resistant than glass or regular plastic lenses. Cyxus polycarbonate lenses have a specific gravity of 1.21. Plus, they have an index of refraction of 1.59 and can be made as thin as a 1.0 mm center.



The Leader in Polycarbonate Lens Manufacturing

These lenses are a smart choice for athletes, those who work in hazardous job environments, and especially for children. Kids have a greater tendency to drop their glasses and play a bit rough, so ideally all children’s frames should have polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are also a good choice for people who wear rimless eyeglass frames where the lenses are attached to the frame components with drill mountings because they are less likely to fracture than regular plastic or glass lenses.

    • Crystal clear lenses and industry leading quality
    • Available in aspheric designs for a thinner, more fashionable look
    • Up to 50% lighter and thinner than plastic or glass lenses
    • Perfect for the majority of eyeglass lens prescriptions

    Progressive Lens


    Polycarbonate Lenses ImpactPlasticGlass


    Durable and versatile

    Ideal for more than 80% of all prescriptions, Cyxus polycarbonate lenses can be mounted without scratching, cracking or breaking. They also allow various treatments, including photochromic and polarized, making them the most functional and highest performing material in the industry.

    • 10x more impact resistant than glass or regular plastic lenses
    • Exceed the FDA’s impact resistant requirements by more than 40 times
    • The natural UV filter, provide 100% protection from the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays
    • Great choice for children or sports



    Anti-glare lenses improves vision and reduces eye strain

    Anti-glare lenses improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive. Anti-glare lenses reflect more light than regular plastic lenses. High index plastic lenses can reflect up to 50 percent more light than regular plastic lenses (approximately 12 percent of available light), so even less light is available to the eye for vision. This can be particularly troublesome in low-light conditions, such as when driving at night.

    Cyxus glasses adopts anti-glare lenses can virtually eliminate the reflection of light from eyeglass lenses, allowing 99.5 percent of available light to pass through the lenses and enter the eye for good vision. By eliminating reflections, also makes your eyeglass lenses look nearly invisible so people can see your eyes and facial expressions more clearly. Anti-reflective glasses also are more attractive, so you can look your best in all lighting conditions. 

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