Top 3 Retro Steampunk Polarized Sunglasses That You Can Buy Now


 Top 3 Retro Steampunk Polarized Sunglasses That You Can Buy Now

Have you ever wondered what the perfect steampunk glasses should look like?

What is Steampunk?

The Steampunk trend is something that has managed to stay stuck firmly between the subculture and the mainstream. It’s a word that many people will be familiar with but perhaps not many people are sure what it is. So let me break it down. Steampunk is a very distinctive and increasingly popular lifestyle niche, and thousands of people adopt aspects of it into their regular or after-work activities. It is a lifestyle trend that involves re-imagining the past with modern technology powered by steam. Get that? No? Ok. Basically, it’s like Sherlock Holmes solving his crimes with a steam-powered iPhone or riding around London on a mechanical segway. It’s Victorian meets the modern day. Yes, it sounds super random but the trend has managed to spawn a pretty decent community that has thrived since the late 1980s. Now Steampunk has its own music, fashion, and lifestyle. One of the most popular parts of Steampunk culture has got to be the visuals – which basically means the clothing, sunglasses, and other accessories which are carefully chosen to represent the wearer’s alternative identity. 


Vintage streampunk sunglasses | Cyxus

Steampunk Fashion

A major part of the entire Steampunk trend is fashion. The fashion is quite simply real-world imaginings of clothing described in the many Steampunk novels. This has then been taken further by the many followers of the lifestyle. Essentially the rule is that anything that gives off a Victorian feel can be classed as steampunk, for guys and girls. The key to ensuring that the look screams steampunk and not vintage is to accessorize correctly. The easiest way to add in that steampunk edge is through eyewear and other accessories.


Steampunk polarized sunglasses

 Sunglasses are the easiest way to add a touch of Steampunk style to your look, and versatile enough to work with formal or casual outfits. To truly capture the essence of what Steampunk represents look for sunglasses with mirrored lenses and crisp looking metallic arms. These steampunk glasses have stylish flip-up round lenses, available in black, silver pink, and blue lens  – arm color combinations so they can be styled to suit any outfit.

Square sunglasses are also a great Steampunk accessory, and this pair, which can be ordered in these following colors: black frame with black lens, white frame with silver lenses, or tortoise/leopard print frame with black lenses, are distinctively ‘steampunkesque’ but entirely wearable on a daily basis.

A third, and a quite different version of the Steampunk glasses effect is delivered by these amazing high fashion meets retro sunglasses which have a stylish side piece perfect for those on bikes or riding in open-top cars. With four colors available, ranging from basic black and silver to gold and blue, these are a definite winner.

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