Why should you wear polarized sunglasses in winter?


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We all know that it is necessary to have a pair of sunglasses in the hot summer days, but few people wear sunglasses in the winter, Although most of us are aware of the dangers the sun poses to our eyes during the summer, we don't all realize that we need to take precautions in the wintertime as well. According to Dr. Ronald Brand from International Eye Care, wintertime brings a double-exposure danger to eyes. The first threat is from the sun itself. Second, comes from the snow acting as a mirror and reflecting a second dose of UV into eyes. So it may be more important to have a pair of sunglasses in winter.

4 Reasons to Wear Polarized Sunglasses in Winter

#1: Polarized Sunglasses Provide UV420 Protection & Reduce Glare

The ultraviolet rays that shine on you in winter are more toxic than you think, far stronger than the summer. And they still threaten your eyes. Cyxus polarized sunglasses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. They also provide excellent protection to the delicate skin around the eyes. This helps to prevent wrinkles and premature aging caused by UV rays.

Moreover, Wintry precipitation coats every surface in water, snow, and ice,  The resulting extremely bright reflections can cause glare and severely impair vision. This reflective glare is particularly dangerous while driving, snowmobiling, and skiing. Those of you who enjoy vacations that include snow-based activities should be extra careful because you'll spend an extended amount of time in the bright reflected sunlight which can be damaging to the eye. It's very important to shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and glare. For this reason, winter is one of the most important seasons of the year to protect eyes from the potentially dangerous effects of the sun. In fact, this alone makes wearing polarized sunglass in winter essential for long-term eye health.

#2: Polarized Sunglass Protect Eyes from Wind, Dust & Debris

Sunglasses create an effective wind barrier that reduces the evaporation of natural moisture and helps keep your eyes comfortable. Wearing sunglasses also keep contact lenses from drying. Sunglasses can also prevent windblown particles from causing corneal abrasions.

#3: Sunglasses in Winter Improve Vision

Eyes require just the right amount of light for good vision and long-term health. Too little light is as bad as too much. Also, excessive glare, such as that from the sun hitting off the snow, causes light-induced “bleaching” of the retinas and reduces visual acuity. For these reasons, buying high-quality sunglasses is essential for healthy eyes and improved vision.

#4: Sunglasses Makes You Look Awesome

This winter make sure you sport your shades… your eyes will feel the difference.

Cyxus Polarized SunglassesCyxus Polarized Sunglasses


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