Why are cyxus glasses so comfortable to wear?


Nowadays, there are more and more styles of frame glasses, and when choosing from the appearance point of view, most people value the frame design. So, do you know the name of the structure and parts of the spectacles frame? After having a certain understanding of the structure of the spectacles, as well as the functions and characteristics of each part, you can not only better understand the wonderfulness of the design of the spectacles, but also The important thing is that we can choose a frame that is more suitable for us.
The frame design of Cyxus blue light blocking glasses conforms to artificial aesthetics and provides the most comfortable experience for the wearer.

The part in between is generally at the temple of our head. The material of the temples needs to be resistant to pressure and wear, and have certain elastic properties.

The part used to support or fix the lens, rimless glasses are glasses without a frame part. Under normal circumstances, the plastic frame has no seams, and the metal frame has seams, and the seams are fixed and connected with screws.

3.Nose pads
Many people in life are accustomed to calling this part "nose pad" because it is really used to "pad" the nose. Most nose pads are made of plastic and can be replaced.

Connecting the left and right mirror frames, a "bridge" is located above the bridge of the nose.

5.Nose brace
It is used with nose pads to connect the nose pads and the bridge of the nose or the frame. Most of the brackets are simple in structure and have a spiral design to reduce the burden on the nose.

In some places, it is also called "pants", as the name suggests, it is the part on the temples. The metal frame is directly hung on the ears, and the ears will feel uncomfortable. Putting on the temples is like putting on long socks, which can make the part of the ear skin and the glasses feel more comfortable.
The frame design of Cyxus anti blue light glasses conforms to artificial aesthetics and provides the most comfortable experience for the wearer.

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