Why are aspherical lenses the first choice for lenses?


What does aspheric lens mean?

The introduction of aspheric lenses is actually to ensure a good lens. The curved surface of the lens is changed. The curved surface of the previous spherical lens is large, so the deformation of the image is more serious, and the visual effect will be deformed. The non-spherical lens can solve this problem and effectively correct the problem of the outer vision zone. So the visual effect is better, and the lens is lighter and thinner.

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What are the advantages of aspheric lenses?

High definition. The clarity of the aspheric lens is very high. The cyxus lens has a perfect coating treatment, and it also has a good visual presentation effect. The comfort is relatively high, and it is more suitable for some high myopia to wear.

Lighter weight. After all, the thickness of many high-level lenses is relatively heavy, so there will be a certain sense of pressure when wearing them. The weight of the aspheric lens is basically not felt, so it can also reduce the pressure of our face. For high myopia, it is necessary to choose such aspherical lenses. If you can choose high-refractive index lenses, the matching effect will be better.

More natural. Choosing such aspherical lenses has a more natural wearing effect, and the thickness of the lens itself is not large, so it can be worn with different frames. Moreover, it can ensure that the visual distortion is reduced, and the vision should be more realistic, so the practicality is still worthy of our trust.

Cyxus blue light glasses adopt PC lens, it’s waterproof, durable.

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