What kind of food is good for eyes in winter?


The winter climate is relatively drier than the climate throughout the year, which not only easily causes dry skin and peeling, but also easily causes dryness and dry eyes. Therefore, in addition to applying skin care cream to keep the skin moisturized and nourished in winter, you should also take care of your eyes, otherwise it will cause eye fatigue and affect your vision.

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  1. Drink more tea in winter to avoid dry eyes

Many people should have had this experience, that is, when drinking hot water or hot soup in winter, the steam will diffuse around the eyes and it will be obvious that the eyes become hydrated and comfortable. Therefore, drink more hot tea in winter and add some eye-protecting herbs to avoid dry eyes.

  1. Appropriately supplement some coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, green and red beans, as well as vitamin-containing fruits and vegetables, etc.

The eyes are more prone to dryness in winter. In addition to drinking some eye-protecting hot tea, you can appropriately supplement some coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, green and red beans, and vitamin-containing fruits and vegetables. For example, sesame seeds, carrots, milk, eggs, oranges, red dates, etc., all contain more vitamins and protein. Proper supplementation can avoid the dry weather in winter and affect the eyes.

  1. While moisturizing the face, you can also take care of the eyes

There are many foods for eye protection in winter, so everyone should remember to balance the right amount of supplementation, and don't take too much, otherwise it will cause nutritional imbalance. However, in addition to food in winter, eye care can also take care of the eyes while moisturizing the face. For example, apply moisturizing and nourishing eye cream to the eye area, or use a wet towel to warm the eye area, wear protective glasses when going out, and pay attention to eye hygiene, which can prevent the eyes from becoming dry in winter.

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  1. Take more rest and relax your eyes properly

In addition, improper use of eyes in dry weather may cause dry eyes. Therefore, in addition to eating some eye protection foods, if you want to prevent dry eyes and relieve eye fatigue, you must ensure sufficient light when using your eyes, and take more rest, etc., to relax your eyes properly, or eat too much eye protection Food can't avoid problems such as dry eyes and affecting eyesight.

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