What are the characteristics of different material frames?


If you want to wear glasses, but also want to look beautiful and have a unique personality, you must understand the color, structure and material of the frame. The material of the frame can be divided into three categories: metal frame, non-metal frame and natural material frame.

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Metal frame

Common metal frames include memory titanium alloy frames, high-nickel alloy frames, pure titanium frames, gold-clad frames and Monel frames. Among them, memory titanium alloy frame is the most popular frame material in recent years, which is mainly due to the corrosion resistance and elasticity of its extraordinary frame material . Moreover, the weight of the memory titanium alloy frame is very light, which is 25% of the weight of the ordinary material frame.

Non-metallic frame

Common non-metallic frames are available in five materials: injection frame, celluloid, acetate, sheet frame, and epoxy resin. Among them, the celluloid material is an early frame material, which has almost disappeared on the market. At present, the most common frame material is sheet material. This is because it is light, durable, and relatively inexpensive, so it is very common in frames. Epoxy resin is a common material for many high-end big-name frames.

Natural material frame

The natural frame materials mainly include tortoiseshell material and horn material. The horn material is not common due to its troublesome processing and easy brittleness. The tortoiseshell frame is popular among white-collar workers because of its elegant appearance and the rarity of the material, so the price will be higher.

1111 Sales in Cyxus: $20 Selected Styles

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