Virtual Try On: How to Try Glasses On Online


We’re all spending more time at home these days. Things we would never have considered doing at home a year ago – like conducting office meetings or teaching our kids – are now happening with the internet.

Steps for how to try glasses on online with Virtual Try On:

    1. Browse our collections of men’s, women’s and children’s frames, you’d like to try on.
    2. On a frame’s product page, click the Try On option to begin your session.Or the collection page.
    3. Enter your pupillary distance (PD) if you have it on your doctor’s prescription, or select “Try Without PD” if you don’t.
    4. You can choose to upload image or start webcam.
    5. When you’re done with that frame, select Close Try On to return to the product page.
    6. Try on as many frames as you like with Virtual Try On until you find the right frame for you!
    7. Once you’ve found your winning frame, it’s just as easy to order your prescription glasses online at Cyxus Glasses. You can also order nonprescription glasses as a fashionable accessory or as blue blockers to protect your eyes while using digital devices.

      Before you know it, your high-quality glasses will arrive at your door. Get ready to see the world in a whole new light with Cyxus Glasses!

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