How to Order Prescription Glasses Online




Ordering prescription glasses online has never been easier.


Even if this is the first time you order online for prescription eyeglasses, you can easily place an order with Cyxus by following the steps below.


5 Steps to Order Prescription Glasses Online with Cyxus

1:Select Lenses-Choose your favorite frames-for example white tortoise

Selecting your frames is the first step in buying your prescription glasses online.

If you don't know which to choose,you can use our Virtual Try-on tool by uploading your photo to find the best possible frame for you.

Also you can refer to our Best Seller,they are the styles most customers like.

There is also our collection, with frame shape, size, color, style, functional characteristics, etc., you can always find what you like and suit you.

2:Choose Prescription Type-Progressive


3:Add Your Prescription--You can choose to Upload File,Enter Manually or Email Later,but it's a necessary to have your eye prescription.

Some index need to be including: sphere (left and right), cylinder(left and right), axial(left and right), PD.

Just fill in the information on your eye prescription truthfully, don't forget the PD, there is no PD. We can't make it.

4:Choose Your Index Lenses-Clear Lenses or Blue-Light-Blocking Lenses

If you want to have anti-blue light function, you can choose anti-blue light lens.

And how to choose the Index lenses,you can take a look on our Prescription Guide.

5:Add to cart and pay

After you have selected everything, put your payment information in the checkout portal and you are all done! We support many payment types.Guaranteed Safe Checkout.

Why Order Prescription Glasses Online with Cyxus?

Cyxus is committed to building the best one-stop online shopping platform for eyewear, offering high quality frames and lenses at the most competitive prices.

We buy eyewear directly from manufacturers, which saves our customers up to 80% of the costs, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

Start by browsing our eyeglass frames online today for men and women.

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