Can I wear glasses if I am not nearsighted?


Generally speaking, people with myopia need to wear glasses to correct their vision and protect their eyes, but if they are not nearsighted, some people are particularly curious about whether it is good or not to wear glasses. If you don’t have myopia, if you want to wear glasses, you can’t wear spectacles under certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at whether you can wear glasses if you don’t have myopia.

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1.Don't wear glasses with prescription if you don't have myopia
Whether you are a child or an adult, if you do not have myopia, do not wear glasses with a prescription. If you wear glasses with a prescription, your eyes will gradually adapt to this degree, and finally become myopia. Especially for children, the eyes are still in a stage of development and are not stable yet, and the plasticity is relatively strong. If you wear glasses with prescription, it will cause vision loss. If necessary, especially when the ultraviolet rays are strong, you can wear flat sunglasses to protect your eyes. can wear plain glasses without myopia
Under special circumstances, you can wear flat glasses, that is, glasses without power. For example, in the profession where the ultraviolet rays are strong, you can wear anti-UV glasses to protect your eyes. Some are facing computer radiation or other electromagnetic wave radiation for a long time. You can wear flat-light anti-radiation glasses to block harmful light and protect your eyes. Eye health. Therefore, if it is required under special occasions, you can also wear this kind of glasses to protect your eyes.

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Some are for decoration, or for special circumstances, such as acting on TV, participating in party activities, and decoration. They can be used with a pair of flat glasses. If you don’t need it, you don’t need to wear it. , But if you have glasses, you must choose a professional place for glasses, the quality is more reliable.

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