🔹A must-have for watching TV shows or movies🔹 (Customer's Review)


A must-have for watching TV shows or movies

I know I’m not alone in saying I love to relax at night by watching my favorite TV show or movie, BUT doing so has made it hard to sleep for me until I started using blue blockers!

Blue light is beneficial during the day because it tells our body it’s day time, elevates mood, and assists in cognitive function + alertness.

Blue light can be harmful at night through chronic exposure by disrupting our circadian rhythm + lowering production of melatonin, causing restless nights. Prolonged exposure over time can also lead to retina damage + eyestrain.

How exposure to blue light affects your brain and sleep

Sources of blue light: sun, LED + fluorescent lighting, electronic devices + digital screens

Blue light sources

Ways to protect your eyes from blue light: minimizing screen time especially before bed, utilizing screen filters, buying a pair of @cyxusofficial blue light blocking glasses! They’re affordable, stylish af, and help you catch those Z’s without missing the latest episode of Jersey Shore (? Idk what kids watch these days)

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 Cyxus Blue Light Blocking/Filter Computer Glasses 8082

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