9 tips for caring for frame glasses


If you take a closer look at the passers-by who come and go on the street, most young people are driving a pair of glasses on the bridge of their noses, of which young students account for the largest proportion. With the improvement of people’s living standards and aesthetic concepts, wearing frame glasses is not only limited to correcting eyesight, but the biggest role is to use them to modify the face of the dress, making your wear more fashionable and conspicuous, so the trend of frame glasses is also So it spread.

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Here are 9 tips for caring for frame glasses

If wearing frame glasses is a common phenomenon and trend, then learning to care for frame glasses has become a compulsory course for everyone. For this reason, experts have given nine suggestions for care of frame glasses, so that everyone can wear them more comfortably and safely.

  1. When placing the glasses, remember that the convex surface of the glasses should be facing upwards, not downwards, otherwise it will grind the lenses and affect the optical characteristics of the glasses.
  2. When wiping the spectacle lenses, please use a special spectacle cloth to wipe. Hold the frame edge wire on the side of the wiping lens with your hand, and wipe gently, not too hard, so as not to damage the frame or lens.
  3. When taking off the glasses, please hold the temples with both hands and wear them parallel to both sides of the cheeks. Remember not to use one hand, otherwise the left and right balance of the frame will be damaged and the frame will be deformed.
  4. When you are not wearing glasses, start from the left when folding the frame. If you want to fold the mirror legs, it is easy to cause deformation of the frame.

Cyxus glasses are ergonomically designed with a stylish frame and comfortable to wear

  1. When the lens has dust and stains, remember not to dry it. It is recommended to rinse with clean water, then blot it dry with a paper towel, and then wipe it with a special glasses cloth. If the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to clean it with a low-concentration neutral lotion, and then rinse it off with water.
  2. When you are not wearing glasses, please keep them in a glasses case. Keep them in a relatively dry place. Do not place them next to corrosive items such as toilet cleaning products, cosmetics, hair spray, medicines, etc., otherwise it will easily cause lens deterioration and discoloration.
  3. When the glasses are deformed, it will cause a burden on the nose or ears, and the lenses are easy to loosen, so you must go to a professional optician to adjust.
  4. When wearing resin lenses, do not exercise vigorously. Otherwise, the lenses will break easily after being strongly impacted, causing damage to the eyes and face.
  5. Scratched lenses cannot be used. For example, when the lenses have scratches, stains, cracks, etc., remember not to use them. Otherwise, the light will be scattered and the eyes will not be able to see things clearly and cause vision loss.

Cyxus glasses are ergonomically designed with a stylish frame and comfortable to wear

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