Anti-fog Aarin 8683

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Matte Black
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      • Frame Width: 142 mm
      • Lens Width: 54 mm
      • Bridge: 17 mm
      • Temple Length: 140 mm
      • Lens Height: 44 mm
      • Available Color: Matte  Black 


              Aarin Glasses, one of the classic and hot sale glasses in Cyxus.  After upgrading the lens, it is now available to prevent glasses from fogging.

              • Anti Blue Light -- Cyxus computer glasses, anti harmful blue ray, provide all-day protection, against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light and UV400.
              • PC Lens -- Glasses lenses are high-end space PC lens with Super hydrophobic coating technology , shock resistant and water proof, dust free and easy to clean.
              • Anti-FOG Lens --Never fear that the lens will fog up when facing with hot water vapor , bring you good visual experience.
              • Reduce Eye Strain -- Cyxus blue light filter eyeglasses can remove eye fatigue, redness, and dryness.
              • Headache Relief -- Cyxus blue-light filtering glasses will keep you healthy by blocking harmful blue light from digital screens while letting in all other beneficial light.
              • Better Sleep -- Cyxus eyeglass can reduce eyestrain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep.
              • UV Protection -- Anti-Blu-ray Lenses utilize special U.S. substrate processing technology to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and block UV400. 

              Click to see how to test Cyxus blue light filter glasses.


              Anti-fog Aarin 8683
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