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      • Frame Width: 135 mm
      • Lens Width: 47 mm
      • Bridge:19 mm
      • Temple Length: 140 mm
      • Lens Height: 44 mm
      • Available Color: Bright Black (6061T01), Translucent Pink (6061T17), Red Wine (6061T91), Blue (6061T05), Gray Crystal (6061T34)

              ENJOY YOUR DIGITAL TIMES with Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

            • ANTI BLUE LIGHT - Cyxus blue light filter glasses can block the blue light effectively.
            • BETTER SLEEP - Cyxus glasses can reduce eyestrain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep.
            • REMOVE EYE STRAIN REDNESS - Cyxus blue light filter glasses can remove eye fatigue, redness, and dryness.
            • STYLISH - The transparent PC lens and the metal rectangle full-rim frame make you look so stylish.
            • WHO NEED ANTI BLUE LIGHT GLASSES - Suitable for anyone suffering from eye strains due to long screen time, anyone who spends a long time staring at a screen like computer workers, designers, gamers, teachers, students, smartphone/pad readers, etc, or anyone who would like long-term eye protection from staring at a screen.
            • FDA REGISTERED COMPANY- Cyxus is the professional eye protection glasses brand in the USA with the FDA, CE, and RoHS certification.

            • Description:
              Kids will love the sporty styling and comfortable fit of these glasses, while parents will love the durability. Made with light and flexible acetate, this frame can hold up to serious play. This small frame (ages 8-18) comes in several colorful options: shiny black with green temple arms, red, pink, and aqua blue. Classic silver metal accents on the front corners complete the look.


            • Quality Hinge - Cyxus hinge is made of quality metal. Stable and durable.
            • Comfortable Nose-pad - Designed according to the human face. Reduce the pressures on your nose. More comfortable to wear.
            • Classic Design- Frames combine fashion and classic features, smooth borderlines with rich and varied colors. Not easily deformed for wearing a long time.

            • Reduce Eye Strain

              Excessive exposure to blue light could lead to digital eye fatigue/exhaustion and vision problems. With Cyxus glasses, no more dry/tired eyes. Anti eye strain when using a phone, tablet, laptop, TV, or computer. Great for anyone who would like long-term eye protection from staring at a screen.

              Protect Children's Eyes

              Blue light can lead to headaches, migraine attacks, and other health issues. Cyxus blue blockers or blue-light filtering glasses will keep you healthy by blocking harmful blue light from digital screens while letting in all other beneficial light. Recommend for anyone who already has a migraine.

              Prevent Myopia

              Blue light in the evening tricks the brain into thinking that it is daytime, which inhibits the production of melatonin and reduces both the quantity and quality of sleep. Fortunately, Cyxus blue light filter glasses can block blue light from entering your eyes and disrupting the natural sleep-wake cycle, improve your sleep.

              Cyxus blue light filter lens is made of aviation-grade PC material. Compared with those coating anti blue ray or adding anti-blue light pigment lens on the market, the Transparent blue light blocking substrate is our core technology, Cyxus blue light filter lenses are designed using the American HEV-Absorb substrate absorption technology. It can absorb high-energy blue light from the computer, cell phone/mobile phone, tablet or iPad, also can provide UV400 protection, relieving eye fatigue, dry and headaches. Devoting to giving you a better sleep. Anti-eye strain and prevent eye redness.

              Thus, The lens can be made of a fully transparent base, without adding any pigment, while maintaining high light transmittance, the lens is less reflective, does not affect reading, and almost no color difference.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 48 reviews
              Amburr M.
              I love them, they love and wear them

              I bought two pairs for my 6 and 7 year old grand children. I love them, they love and wear them. Great quality and colorful for the kiddos.

              german m.
              This is how kids glasses should be made

              Bought for my grandson and he is actually wearing them without complaint. Besides looking really cute they are virtually indestructible no matter how he twists and bends them. Got to protect those beautiful eyes !

              Amburr M.
              Glasses fit my 5yo well. I tried them on ...

              Glasses fit my 5yo well. I tried them on and they even adjust well to my face with their springy hinge. They are plastic, but seem to be well made to adjust to a variety of kids faces. My daughter wears them without complaint while using electronics.

              Jason N.

              My grandson was nine years old when he received the exact same glasses and still is happy with them at age eleven. This new pair is for his brother who is now six.

              Thanks for an excellent and very fun and colorful product.

              gary r.
              She is happy about that

              They have allowed my daughter to be on the internet more than 2 hr a day. She is happy about that.